How should I market my Adult Day Center?

Marketing can be a challenge for some Adult Day Centers. Besides creating a welcoming environment, training staff members, and planning incredible events to offer in your community, Centers also need to increase their exposure and strategically market their center.

High-quality, original content for your marketing and outreach initiatives are critical. Fortunately, technology makes it simple to supercharge your marketing efforts. To bring awareness, Centers must have an online presence. A must-have list may include the following:

These platforms can assist people who are looking for Adult Day Centers online to find you and be aware of the existence of your center. Using paid advertising can also be a powerful tool, with the ability to target your ideal client profile. Google Ads offers a Grant for Nonprofits to advertise monthly on Google - an excellent opportunity for Non-Profit Centers!

Working on your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is be an essential part of your online marketing strategy. Being on the first page of Google whenever someone looks for “Adult Day Centers near me” online can make a huge impact on the number of new participants leads you receive.

Another important step is to create an identity for your Center. Branding is crucial to ensure that people keep your center at the top of their minds and can easily differentiate you from competitors. A strong brand is also essential for you can create marketing materials like flyers, brochures, and newsletters to market your Adult Day Center in your local community. Key local community areas could be Churches, local Medical Clinics, Pharmacies, Hospitals, regional Aging Agencies, the local Chamber of Commerce, Placement Agencies, and Social Services Agencies.

These areas could help you connect with the local community and publicize your services. In addition, partnership and local marketing initiatives can be a powerful tool for Adult Day Centres that are starting out in the Industry or experiencing difficulties in acquiring new clients. By connecting with other businesses and agencies, you may create an incredible source of referrals.

Can you think of a participant who was depressed when they first started attending your center but has flourished in your care? What about someone who overcame a challenge with the help and support of your staff?

Chances are you can think of multiple! It’s incredibly important to document these journeys and successes in multiple formats - collecting material for a great case study. If permission from the participant/their family is granted, you can publish these case studies on your website and share them with prospective service users.

It is also vital to make your participants feel special and welcome. Create strategies to demonstrate that you embrace person-centered care. Offering special activities that your participants are interested in and sharing their experiences with their families can be an exciting endeavour!

Photos and videos are excellent forms of social content for digital marketing. Events, outings, and activities will be occurring regularly in your center. You don’t want valuable media content wasted sitting in someone’s camera roll. Furthermore, you want to ensure that whoever posts to social media channels, newsletters, and communicates with families knows who has photo consent and where they can find photos and videos from day-to-day operations. Ensure that your staff send or save pictures and videos to a designated, centrally located area (a care management system, shared Google Drive folder, email address, etc.).

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Do you provide a website for us that we can update/change? When I clicked on the Modern Website link I noticed that was listed.


Hi Alan! We have started a new service where we can build and manage websites on behalf of our clients. I’d love to chat with you about this outside of the forum - I’ll send you an email!