How do I open an Adult Day Center?

Adult Day Care facilities provide an important and ever-increasing need in aging and disabled communities. They offer family caregivers respite in addition to providing aging and disabled populations with social interaction, health services, advocacy, meals, transportation, and a safe environment.

If you want to open an Adult Day Care service, here are the steps you should take:

1.Consider Your Options

You need to consider acquiring an existing Center, Franchising or Opening your own center. Also, it is crucial to consider what type of Center you would like to open and which services you will provide.

2.Conduct Market Research

Take a look at the US Census Data to see if there is a need in your community. For instance, look at how many people over the age of 65 are living in your area in addition to other key demographics. Then, find out how many Adult Day Services are in your area.

3.Contact Your State Association Partner

Each state has its own set of rules and regulations you will need to be aware of. Most states have Adult Day Service Associations you can contact to find out about state-specific licensures, accreditations, and mandatory regulations.

4.Create a Checklist of What You Need to Do to Start Your Adult Day Service

Once you know the rules and requirements for opening an Adult Day Care, you can start making a to-do list of action items

5.Check Out Funding Options

You may be wondering, “Where can I find investors to start an Adult Day Care?”

See if your Adult Day Care business is eligible for Small Business Grants (SBA) or funding programs. Some other Adult Day Care service funding opportunities to consider are:

Social Services Block Grant (SSB)

Older Americans Act Funding (OAA)

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grants

Alzheimer’s Foundation for America (AFA)

6. Communicate with Support Networks

If you’re starting an Adult Day Care, speak to someone who owns an Adult Day Care service outside of your area and ask them for advice. They won’t consider you to be a competitor. Also, become a member of the National Adult Day Services Association.

7.Compose an Adult Day Care Business Plan

Writing an effective business plan for your Adult Day Care service is crucial to success. You can find examples of Adult Day Care Business plans online to refer to for structure and content.

8.Plan how you will digitally record data

It is important to start your Business in the correct way - recording data online in a HIPAA and SOC-compliant platform. Many State regulators will mandate you to present a record of activities, tasks, and progress related to your participants´ Care Plans. So, be ready to provide it at any time by using great software on your Center.

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